Drive Away Across the U.S.A. — Even If You Don’t Own a Car!

Companies called ‘Driveaways’ are agencies located throughout America and match up people who wish to drive across the country with cars that need to get to their owners.

The system works because people often move across the country and need their vehicles shipped to them; driveaway companies are cheaper than hiring a professional mover. Similarly, organizations that need to relocate a company car from one office to another will call a driveaway agency to assist them.

Whether the choosen driver picks up a company or private car, the rules are the same. There are usually a set number of days to deliver the car as well as an assigned route to take. Depending on the urgency of a person to redeem their car, there may be room to negotiate a few extra days to extend the trip. Most car owners understand that drivers want time to stop and see the sights they pass and are somewhat compassionate.

To get a car, all drivers must be licensed, over 21, and have a clean driving record. Someone with several speeding or parking tickets, suspensions, probations, and other wrongs in their driving history may be denied a driveaway vehicle.

Also, while using these agencies make for a cheaper travel expererience, keep the following costs in mind: price of food and lodging for the length of the trip, paying for fuel after the first tank, and leaving behind a $300-$400 deposit.

In most cases the deposit is returned, however, there are details to be mindful of if money back is desired. For example, avoid crashing the car. While insurance covers the costs if the driver gets into an accident, if the the driveaway “hired” is found at fault, it is likely that the deposit will be forfeited. Furthermore, junking up the car with trash, dirt, and creating funky odors will usually result in only a partial return. So make sure to clean the car before bringing it in!

If an adventure like this calls to you, check out the driveaway website

Source: Marie Javins