Valentines Day Around The World

Several countries enjoy Valentines Day on February 14th, yet these celebrations can differ from how Americans traditionally revel in this holiday.

Take Japan for instance. On Valentines Day it is common for the female to present gifts to her boyfriend or any man close to her, not the other way around like in the US. Chocolate is a common gift, but it is either store bought or made from scratch. The latter called Hon-Mei is for a true love, while Giri-choco is for friends, bosses, and colleagues. Finally, one month later on White Day, men pamper the women who gave them gifts before.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is the most unlike the Valentine’s day observed in America. Chinese Valentine’s Day is the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese Calendar. The day can be called Festival of the Double Sevens, The Night of Sevens, Seven Sister’s Festival, or Daughter’s Festival. One Chinese ritual is that lovers visit the Temple of Matchmaker and pray for their love and happiness; singles also visit the temple and ask for help with luck in love.

Furthermore, England’s Valentine’s traditions include the singing of songs by children who are rewarded with gifts of candy, fruit, or money. Also, India, which has only been celebrating Valentine’s day since 1990 has an intriguing tradition: Lovers put henna tattoos on their bodies to celebrate their love for each other.

It is good to learn the many traditions of Valentine’s Day around the world. Who knows, you can meet someone from a different background and because of this knowledge, it will be easier to understand their intents and desires about this lovers affair . Also, if a man forgets Valentine’s Day, he can pull out the “Japanese Card” and say, “ I wanted to be more spontaneous and open-minded; I plan to pamper you on the White Day, like they do in Japan”.