Russia’s Seven Wonders

You cannot call yourself a true traveler until you have explored Russia. Check out the article, Russia’s Seven Wonders, to read about all the places to see while there.“Offering art, architecture and culture joined with virgin wilderness and sun-splashed beaches, Russia is truly an adventurous traveler’s wonderland.”

Travelers that visit the country need to be careful not to miss out on Russia’s treasures. There is so much more to see than just the typical tourist hot spots, St. Petersburg and Moscow. If you visit either of these two places and do the standard program, say the Hermitage and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, you will still have an enjoyable time. It would be like going to Rome and visiting the Vatican and Colosseum. You still experience more than the average homebody, but you will miss the some priceless scenes. Make sure to see more than just the two main cities.

“Most foreigners don’t know what they are missing, said Sergei Shpilko, president of the Russian Association of Travel Agents, or RATA. They don’t realize they could be taking a cruise along the waters of the Volga, bathing in hot springs surrounded by volcanoes in Kamchatka or taking a boat over the crystal-clear waters of Lake Baikal”.

Here is just a small taste of what else you could be doing and seeing in Russia: Visit the Golden Ring, a group of towns and cities of restored and abandoned churches, monasteries, museums, and preserved wooden villages. Go to the Beach; Sochi is a unique experience offering a subtropical climate, warm seas, arboretum and gardens. See the Altai and Caucasus mountains or travel on Russia’s lakes and rivers; the Volga is a 3,700-kilometer-long river and Lake Baikal is one of the genuine Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Finally, if you are really bold, explore Siberia with Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Source: Denise Albrighton The Moscow Times Business Review