GoNOMAD Writer Wins Best Travel Blog

Midrula Dwivedi, a GoNOMAD writer blogging from New Delhi has won the Best Travel India Blog for 2006. Midrula has been writing for a long time but really began to take her blogging seriously since she wrote a blog for BBC website. “ I got more than a thousand hits per days for two days. And then when my stories got published on the GoNOMAD website, it gave me more confidence to carry on,” she says in an interview with India Travel Blog.

Midrula loves traveling in her country because there is so much to see and explore in India. Her passion for her nation shines through in everything she writes. The topics she covers range from her travels in India, to Indian culture and cuisine, current events, and even dreams she has in her sleep.

I discovered her writing to be uniquely original and exciting. I especially liked the blog she wrote about hiking to a stream in Shringi Vatika. “We walked the last two kilometers from Jibhi to Shringi, rather than wait for a bus that was available an hour later. It started raining lightly on the way. Finally, when we saw the board of Shringi Vatika, it was such a relief. It took us 17 hours to reach the place. How we attacked the aloo parathas (stuffed Indian bread) that were served to us a while later.

The weather was damn cold (after all, it snowed there lightly) and after freezing for two days it was time to turn back (the account of these two days will follow soon). We wanted to start really early on Monday, as I had a class to take on Tuesday morning. There were no buses from Shringi to anywhere before 8.45. So we hired a taxi up to the tunnel near Aut to come back. We left at 6.00 am. I took my Avomine really early. I reminded Sesha to do the same but he threw tantrums. On the way, he vomited once! I wonder why he does not learns his lessons soon enough. Thankfully, after that he had no problems.”

I recommend for anyone to read Midrula’s blog. She constantly updates it and reading her entries leaves you wanting more of Midrula’s wisdom.

Sources: Midrula Dwivedi gonomad.com/traveltalesfromindia