Affordable Antarctica

Antarctica is a haven for adventurers, animal lovers, bird watchers and iceberg junkies with a penchant for exploring places few travelers have experienced. Before a trip to Antarctica could cost up to a year’s rent, but companies like G.A.P (Great Adventure People) have changed this. Today an expedition to Antarctica runs for around $3000.

Carly Blatt, a New York Freelance Writer, shares her experiences on a cruise anchored off Half Moon Island in Antarctica. Unlike in past years, her ship had a mix of travelers ranging from her 23-year-old recent self, to a middle aged man; not just the wealthiest travelers like before.

“The first Zodiac to the island will launch in 10 minutes!” Our expedition leader’s voice boomed throughout the P.A. system of our ice-strengthened ship. The roller coaster-esque ride was over far too quickly. As we landed on the beach of a small island in Antarctica and stepped out into surprisingly clear water, I reflected on the fact that there is something undeniably sexy about traveling to the “seventh” continent. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s always seemed nearly unattainable. Not to mention the fact that chances are pretty high that after returning from a trip to the far South, you’ll be the only one with seventh-continent bragging rights at most cocktail parties.”

Besides that it is attractive to know that your Antarctic tale will have listeners ears curling up, the continent is an amazing place to visit because it offers so much. Blatt mentions hiking the crystallized island, studying the wildlife, and even swimming in the polar waters; clearly this is not your typical cruise. You can also see penguins, petrels, or seals up close. Even the sea ice is a wonder to look at. How many times can you find yourself surrounded with “icebergs the size of large houses and past flatter “tabular” icebergs spanning longer distances than top NFL kickers could ever dream of kicking a field goal?”

The tourist season to go to Antarctica is during the austral summer from November to March. Just keep in mind that it is cold there. After all, Antarctica can be described to be the coldest, windiest, and highest continent on earth.