The local Maasai community has set aside the Selenkay Conservation Area as a reserve for wildlife and in return is receiving an income from tourism activities. This is used to fund community projects such as schools and water supplies. Employment opportunities have also been provided for the local Maasai people as game rangers, trackers, and camp staff. Apart from the management couple and Head Cook, all other staff in the camp and Conservation Area are members of the local community. The 70 kms of roads in the Conservation Area were constructed using local labour so that members of the community gained employment. As a result of the establishment of the Conservation Area, wildlife numbers have recovered significantly in recent years.

Elephants are now seen frequently after an absence of nearly 20 years. Selenkay Conservation Area lies in the heart of Maasailand, well off the beaten track, and has not been visited by tourists until very recently. The animals are truly wild and tend to behave more naturally than those in the parks, which are often habituated to the presence of vehicles.