Vacationland’s Hunting Season

Rocky Gravel and Ed Grenier are two popular guys this time of year. Hunters swarm their shop, G & G Custom Deer Cutting in Winslow, like a fast-food restaurant around lunch time, beginning in October each year. Business doesn’t let up until December.
“This is the first deer I’ve ever had processed,” said Dale Hanscom, of Clinton, who arrived at the shop with a grin and a 146-pound doe. “I usually do them myself. But last year, I tried some of their breakfast sausage and loved it. So here I am.”

He continued on with his story, grin growing with each passing word.

“I shot her across a 10-acre field, probably 800 feet away,” Hanscom said.

Rocky Gravel listened intently, nodding and smiling, all the while weighing the deer and preparing it for skinning.

Gravel, a captain at the Winslow Fire Department and co-owner of Precision Tree Cutting in town, sports a crop of gray hair, a white apron and a handshake that reminds you deer cutting isn’t his only job.

Source: Dave Sheerwood, Outdoors Writer