Save The Salmon

Idahoan Bill Erickson is going where no man has gone before. Truth is I can’t verify that fact, but he is definitely going somewhere no man regularly goes: on a 900-mile kayaking trip from the Salmon River near Stanley to the Pacific Ocean.

Erickson is kayaking the route of Idaho’s wild salmon through the Salmon, Snake and Columbia Rivers to highlight the decline of wild salmon in the Pacific and to draw
attention to the problems caused by dams. “I’m making the journey downstream in a kayak and will be facing the same obstacles that sockeye encounter as young fish while heading to the ocean,” Erickson says. “The largest of these obstacles, and the biggest killer of all salmon, are the four dams on the lower Snake River.”

Idahoan Kayaks 900 Miles to Support Salmon
By Jennifer Gelband,
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Photos: Bill Erickson