Trekking the Kuari Pass

Hiking India’s Kuari Pass, written by GoNOMAD contributor Mridula Dwivedi, follows Dwivedi’s trek through a section of the Himilayas. Read about her journey and see if it’s something that you might want to do!

“When we travel, we never book a hotel in advance or decide on a trekking agency to use. While we were walking to a hotel with huge rucksacks (and shoes tied to them), a young guy asked us if we were here to trek?

He pointed out Grand Adventures to us and we were sold on their punch line: ‘Where you come from is not nearly as important as where you are going!’ We liked their philosophy and decided to give them a try. They gave us good rates and ultimately we trekked with them.

Our guide’s name was Sohan Singh Bisht (Sonu and I recommend him highly as a guide) and not only is he an excellent guide but an excellent cook too, a much appreciated quality by both of us! He along with our two horsemen (young lads really, of 18-19 years of age) told us many fascinating stories. And by the time we reached Joshimath, the rains had completely disappeared. We really had a sunny trek this time.”