Tourism in Bali

Jason Glaskell, writer for GoNOMAD, writes about Bali – a holiday paradise but political hot spot. While it is a great destination, it is no stranger to terrorism; however, this Indonesian island’s local economy depends on tourism. Glaskell comments that “Bali cannot survive without the tourists who have supported them for so long; so if you decide to stay away, in a very real sense – the terrorists will win.” Read more about Bali in Bali After the Bombings.

“I started my trip in the quieter town of Sanur – a place for families, for those who no longer feel the need to go partying and clubbing until the late hours; a place to relax… so they say. But the locals want business, and they start as soon as you arrive; trying to strike up a relationship, trying to make an impression—

“Hello! Where you from?”

Within a few minutes of hopping out of the taxi, I was hustled into buying some new flip-flops, for which I think I paid more than double the normal price. The next day I purchased a sarong that I had no intention of buying. “For luck yes, first customer today,” the old woman who owned the small shop had said. “Special price for you sir.” I politely declined the offer only to see the woman begin to get upset. That is when I’d agreed to buy the sarong for a discounted price. What else can you do? Anyway, my sympathy purchase turned out to be useful for visiting temples, as you can rarely enter one without wearing a sarong.”