Not Over Run With Tourism in Kenya

Thanks to Dave from Dave’s Travel Corner, we are able to see the world one step at a time alongside this great writer. Read about one of his travels to Africa in his article Lamu, Kenya. With his excellent descriptions, you will feel like you are almost there without leaving your computer.

“Hundreds and hundreds of miles of lush green vegetation lie below me seemingly never changing as we bounce from one cloud to the next in a small10-seat prop plane – green, so much green covering this vast terrain of Eastern Africa. A single strand, so small and barely noticeable comes into view. It reminds me of a dark thread out of place on light colored shirt. A muddy road, unbroken except for the occasional truck, winds its way eastward towards the ocean. We slowly descend onto the dirt airstrip near Lamu, a remote Kenyan town 50 miles south of the Somali border – our final destination.

Lamu is a Kenya’s oldest living town and its population is mainly Muslim. An interesting feature of this town is that automobiles are not allowed. The main reason for this is that the dirt streets are extremely narrow and crowded with people. There is one car on the island which is owned by the District Commissioner.

Pay attention to the dress of of the locals. Most of the men wear full length white robes and distinctive skull type caps. The women wear black wrap around robes, most of them cover their head as well in black, and a few women covered their entire face except for slits around their eyes.”