Getting Through the Airport

With the recent terrorism scares, it is no secret that airport security is becoming even more intense. There are many more items that are prohibited from your carry-on. In order to avoid the embarrassment and annoyance of being stuck at the airport’s security check-point, check out Kent E. St. John’s article Adjusting to Air Travel Changes: “I Will Still Fly the Skies.” St. John is the Senior Travel Editor for GoNOMAD and has many great tips for those traveling by air.

“It has been almost five years minus a month since September 11, 2001, a date that changed the way we will travel forever. It is now August 11, 2006, and I am headed to the airport the day after the break-up of a terrorist plot in England to down ten planes.

Once again the way we travel has changed and we must again adjust. Before leaving the house I had to take all liquids out of my carry-on, not a big change for myself but for my wife it meant removing all make-up and cosmetics. This is a seemingly simple thing but it is just the tip of the iceberg. What will it all mean? I hope to learn on this trip across country to San Francisco.

Until things get sorted airport changes will fluctuate, so go to the source. TSA or the Transportation Security Administration is responsible for implementing the changes leaving to reason that their website would be a good place to get last minute info.

Currently the biggest change is no liquids, gels or lotions in your carry-on. That goes for toothpaste, shampoo, cologne, or even that water you just paid $2.50 for in the airport mart. Boarding for Oakland, countless travelers were guzzling coffee, juice and water and chucking the bottles in a can that stands near every gate.”