Salta the Beautiful

In the article
Salta, Argentina: Wind-Carved Land of Strong Wine and Difficult Love, New York Times Travel writer Daniel Altman gives a great balance to the history and present of Argentina. His descriptions of the country and the things this country has to offer is enough to make anyone want to hop on a plane and head south!

“Mention Salta to an Argentine, and the response is often the following: ‘Ah, Salta the Beautiful.’ That this northern province isn’t better known to the rest of the world is an injustice. The road south from the province’s eponymous capital to Cafayate, home to a cluster of vineyards, boasts breathtaking scenery, with cliffs of many hues shaped by water and wind. With the addition of tasty food, a rich musical tradition and powerful wines, the place should not be missed.

Marcelo Córdova, whose family owns the Vasija Secreta winery in Cafayate, said that Salta used to be a backwater, and less secure for tourists. ‘When I went to Córdoba to study, I was thinking, “How boring Salta is,” ‘ he said, his mirrored sunglasses reflecting almost as much light as his new Mini parked a few feet away. ‘Now, it has everything.’

The new Salta is on show at innovative restaurants like José Balcarce, where you can try Lalo Angelina’s modern takes on northern staples, including supple llama carpaccio and beef tenderloin in a creamy sauce enriched with quinoa. Salta’s new restaurants and bars would give any big city’s night life a run for its money, but the city’s more traditional spots offer an entirely different — and more distinctive — experience.”