More Adult Fun in Utah?

“Tourists love Utah’s ski resorts, red rock formations and fine restaurants. It’s finding something to do once the sun sets that’s giving the state an image problem,” starts Douglas C. Pizac in his article found in USA Today Travel. Restrictive liquor laws in Utah sadly make the state seem rather boring; however, the Utah Office of Tourism is looking to include more adult entertainment for tourists. Read about it in the article Utah struggles to combat its image as dull.

“The top complaints the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau receives are that there’s not much nightlife and it’s difficult to get a drink. The complaints begin before tourists even arrive, said Shawn Stinson, director of communications for the bureau.

‘We’re the first to say Salt Lake has excellent bars and restaurants throughout the city. They are just not in a densely populated area,’ he said. ‘We feel that is definitely a drawback to the Salt Lake experience.’

City law prohibits more than two bars from operating on the same city block face. Downtown, the average city block is 660 feet long — 300 feet longer than a football field. Other Utah cities, including the ski resort town of Park City, don’t have that limit.

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson wants the restriction in Utah’s most-visited city lifted. He said the perception is that tourists have to go to Park City — about 25 miles away — to have fun.

‘We want to create a walkable, lively and hospitable downtown. It’s crucial,’ he said. ‘I’m not saying that the two taverns per block face is necessarily the most important issue facing us in our downtown, but it is one of those obstacles.'”