Mediterranean Sights from Tunisia

As described by GoNOMAD writer David Rich, parts of Tunisia “out-Greeks Greece and out-Romes Italy.” In his article Tunisia Will Seize Ya, Rich wonderfully describes the great sites Tunisia has to offer travelers. You can get all the beauty and culture of Europe without the huge price tags.

“The north of Tunisia is covered by hundreds of miles of olive trees dominated by fences of giant prickly pear, while the elongated Mediterranean coast is pocked with picturesque harbors chock-a-block with fishing boats painted like rainbows.

These quaint harbors sweep from Tabarka, closest to Algeria, guarded by the dagger-like rocks of Les Aiguilles and a sprawling Genoese Castle on the heights above the harbor. Beautiful Bizerte sits on the northeast tip, offering an upscale cornice and photogenic old port.

Proceed down the coast past Sidi Bou to the gorgeous neat-as-a-pin town of Monastir dominated by an intricate fort, scenic yacht basin and extensive mosques, gardens and a sprawling old cemetery. “