Beautiful Bhutan

As found in the Bangkok Post Horizons section, Chasing myths is an article by Kalyakorn Kasembri about Bhutan. Kasembri says that “Bhutan in all its manifestations is well-preserved, peaceful and picturesque: it is an experience you will never forget.” Make sure to check out the whole article for some good travel tips.

“About the size of Switzerland with a population of just 699,000, the mountain kingdom of Bhutan is a breathtaking adventure travel destination. The kingdom’s beauty lies in the fact that it has been painstakingly pickled with its fabulous mountains and monasteries intact. Bhutan holds many surprises and a visit to the country is an adventure. It is a land full of myths, legends and religion.

Bhutan’s early history is steeped in tradition and mythology and it has barely changed compared to the transformations in other parts of the world over the past centuries. Indeed, it is an isolated and remote land sandwiched between two giant developing countries – China and India – but its traditions remain true to its roots. Bhutanese people are warm, friendly and hospitable. English is widely spoken in the country.

Bhutan’s immediate neighbours, Nepal and Tibet, pale if you compare their scenery and cultures. It is not a difficult place to visit, even though it is known that the government regulates the number of foreign tourists travelling there.

It is actually easy to arrange a trip there and even customise your itinerary. However, group tours are a better option. Bhutan is an out-of-the-way country about which very little information is available. “