A New Way to “Go Dutch”

Group travel isn’t for everyone, but there are some great benefits from this way of travel. There are always people around to experience things with, and usually there is a guide who is extremely knowledgeable. GoNOMAD writer Stephen Hartshorne writes about US clients who prefer traveling with Dutch tour groups. In his article Going Dutch: A New Dimension in Travel, Hartshorne talks about Djoser tours– one of Europe’s largest tour companies.

“‘We have a huge group of loyal Djoser fans who will only travel with Dutch groups,’ she says, ‘because they are generally quite active and adventurous. The Dutch are very experienced travelers and people from the Netherlands from all walks of life have seen the world many times over. It’s not just limited to the upper crust.’

‘Most Dutch travelers have a great command of English,” she says. “After a day or two, most of our Americans and Canadians have merged into the group fairly easily.’

One trademark of the Djoser tour is flexibility. Groups meet in the morning to discuss plans for the day and travelers can either join group activities or explore on their own. Neal says this appeals to experienced travelers, Dutch and American.

‘Djoser believes self-exploration is the best way to understand or experience a country. Freedom to go out on your own is encouraged wherever safe and possible. Skipping planned sightseeing trips is also encouraged, which is why entrance fees are not included. The traveler decides what they want to do and when.'”