Planning an Out of the Ordinary Family Vacation

In How adventurous should your family vacation be? Lauren Axelrod of Pawlet, Vermont discusses the attitude one needs when dealing with travel– especially when traveling with kids. Axelrod founded the alternative travel website, a site known for covering exciting travel destinations that do not include places like Disney World. When finding an exciting place to visit, it is important to keep in mind that “[t]he key is finding a balance between adventure and relaxation.” Check out some aspects to consider when planning an adventure with your kids (the full article was found on CNN Travel).

Family time
Sometimes, a resort with kids-only activities may be just what mom and dad want. ‘It’s important to expose your kids to certain cultural things,’ Edelman says, but adds, ‘There’s nothing bad about them sitting on a beach digging a sand castle, and you kicking back reading a romantic novel and having a cool drink.’

Going online can also reap savings. The Internet’s ocean of information and booking opportunities has made even the wildest travel — a safari in Africa or camping in Australia — more accessible for families who can’t afford expensive packaged tours. Doing online research can also get kids involved in planning the trip.

‘Knowing your kids is important, and doing things that are age-appropriate,’ advises Axelrod. ‘You’re not going to take a 3-year-old to go zipping across a rainforest canopy, whereas a 12-year-old will think that’s the greatest thing.'”