Road tripping

Going on road trips can be tons of fun, or they can be awful if you’re with the wrong people. Caroline King, a writer for, gives tips for the perfect road trip in her article; What to do When Planning a Road Trip.

“The first matter of concern is whom it is that will be taking this road trip. To be blunt: If the travel partners are not compatible they might as well stay home and play video games. At least they will be killing one another in a virtual sense. I’m exaggerating. But it is a serious deal if people don’t get along and they are stuck together for hours like sardines in a can.

What makes people compatible for road trips is not that they are necessarily best friends or exactly alike – though these are worthy things to consider. The main concern is that they have a similar purpose for the trip. What I mean by this is say that one person lives and breathes urban sidewalk and all he wants to do is stare at open fields for hours, camp out and catch fish for dinner. But his travel companion, Suzy Q., wants to hit up a town with posh shops and stacked options of what to do because she lives and breathes cow manure. In this case, I say play video games.

Even though I didn’t write about it first, safety is first. As far as your transportation is concerned, do an equipment check to make sure all the parts are in place and functioning like a healthy machine, or ask a mechanic to have a look. Pack a detailed road map and also some water and food in case of an emergency where you’re stranded. It is a wise investment to purchase a CB radio if you do not already own one. “But I have my trusty cell phone,” you say. And I say, “Not even Verizon wireless reaches those parts of the highway that you are planning to traverse along. Why do you think all truckers have CBs?”