Places to See in La Paz

La Paz, Mexico has warm temperatures, historical spots, great food, markets and natural beauty. Ex in the City Guide writer Diane Selkirk offers some expert tips for unbeatable places to visit in the city in her City Guide La Paz.

“The rhythm of La Paz is in found in the centre of town; people sit on benches and watch the world go by in Plaza Constitución. The pink granite fountain provides a pleasant backdrop and old palm and laurel trees provide shade.

The place where the desert meets the sea has a rugged beauty. The arid lands offer a subtle magnificence that is easily overlooked. The sea, turquoise and clear offers unparalleled snorkelling and diving. Kayak or join a panga (small boat) excursion out to the Islands of Partida and Espiritu Santo. These islands offer the opportunity to hike through the sand and scorched boulders in search of desert flowers, and swim in the warm sea – perhaps you may even witness the magic of a manta ray leaping free, in an effort to fly.

Mexican market places are magical. Beyond shopping, they offer a glimpse into a slower lifestyle where little is mass produced. Wander the public market – watch how your dinner’s tortillas are made fresh each day. Or discover traditional café con leche: A pot is filled with milk, as it heats freshly ground beans are thrown by small handfuls into the steaming liquid. Next, say “si” to the grated cinnamon chocolate and watch as it is sprinkled into the mixture. Just as it starts to foam, the flavourful brew is lifted from the heat and poured it through a strainer into your mug.”