Top Travel Spots

Wonder where everyone else is traveling to? AOL Travel has found the top ten locations internet searches look for on their website.

LAS VEGAS – Famous for its neon-lit Strip, wild weddings, and flashy entertainment, Las Vegas is the only place in America where you can gamble in Paris, Venice, New York, and ancient Egypt–all in one day.

MEXICO – There’s always a fiesta taking place amid Mexico’s ancient Mayan ruins, bougainvillea-draped shores, white-sand beaches, and toe-stomping mariachi bands.

HAWAII – Lush rainforests sing with colorful birds, rainbows arch over waterfall-fed cliffs, and volcanoes create the Earth’s newest land on the illustrious Hawaiian Islands.

CARIBBEAN – Pillaging pirates long gone, the Caribbean is an expanse of colorful corals, emerald islands, and white sands, where calypso music blends with the sounds of tree frogs and waves.

SAN FRANCISCO – With its funky neighborhoods, clanking cable cars, and steep hills that rise towards breathtaking views of the Golden Gate, San Francisco’s got an adventure for everyone.

ORLANDO, NEW YORK, MIAMI, ATLANTA and DENVER make up six through ten on the top ten list of AOL travel vacation destinations.