Shark Attacks Increasing

In recent years shark attacks have been increasing, especially in America. Brian Handwerk, a writer for National Geographic News, explores the reasons behind the increase of attacks in his article; Shark Attacks Down in 2005 but Up Over Long Term.

” Most shark specialists agree that the big-picture rise in attack numbers has more to do with humans than with sharks—namely the steadily increasing numbers of people living near and frolicking in the world’s coastal waters.

Through the years one thing that has stood out clearly in terms of trends is that increasing human populations have put more people in the water.”

ISAF’s Burgess agrees that human behavior is perhaps the key factor.

The decrease in attacks could be due to fewer people in the water last year. Beachgoers are influenced by many variables that limit the number of beach days in a given season.

Tropical storms hammered Florida and other southeastern U.S. states in 2004 and 2005, reducing the number of people in the surf. Economic conditions may have also played a role, not to mention a drop in tourism in the post-9/11 era.”