Exquisite Wine Tasting Locations

Great wine tasting locations can be difficult to find unless one is a true master of the art of wine tasting; for the rest of us, lists that experienced wine connoisseurs have made come in quite handy when searching for the best place to taste wine. Marlonkobacher, a blogger for lonelyplanet.com, recommends his favorite wine tasting spots throuhgout the world in his list; World’s Best Wine Tasting Spots-Top 6.

“1. Mendoza (Argentina)
As less than 10% of Argentinean wines are exported, much of the world never tastes them. This is exactly why you need to go. Pack your Spanish & your Pesos – compliment the wine, offer to buy, and their best bottles will magically appear.

2. Franschhoek (Western Cape, South Africa)
Surrounded by mountains, boasting French guesthouses, award-winning restaurants, antique stores and art galleries lies Franschhoek, or ‘French corner’ of Dutch-speaking Africa. Think that’s a culture cocktail? Try the amazing wine blends.

3. Santa Ynez Valley (Southern California)
The film ‘Sideways’ exposed Santa Ynez’s highly underrated wineries. Quaint boutiques are neatly tucked away in scenic rolling vineyards, owned often by ex-celebrities. Careful bringing up ‘Sideways’ though – not everyone loves Pinot Noir.”