Emilia Romagna Italy

Explore Emilia Romagna and a few of it’s quaint towns, such as Parma, with Jennifer Kim, a writer for GoNOMAD.com in her article; Emilia Romagna: The Heart and Soul of Italy.

“Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto ham, and prestige are the three P’s that represent Parma. The aristocratic town of Parma is located in the upper Midwest region of Emilia Romagna.

Marie Louise Habsburg transformed the small town of Parma into one of esteem and elegance, the town we see today. The appointed duchess of Parma by the Congress of Vienna, Marie Louise Habsburg’s signature sophisticate-style is embellished throughout the town.

What do Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini have in common other than that they are the most lustfully sought after automobiles in the world? These legends were born and bred right in Modena or the “Motor Valley” as the town is now dubbed.

These beauties stroll down the streets of Modena in the Spring, where the citizens of the town can gawk in the splendor of the new models.”