Consider Moving to Italy

If you have ever wanted to live in Italy, or spend an extended vacation there, there is a lot you should learn about the culture. Ruth Halcomb a writer for Escape from America Magazine, explores living in Italy in her article; Italy-Beyond the Illusion.

“Italy has never ceased to captivate people from other countries, especially speakers of English. They begin to see their former homes as sunless and dull, their former lives as restricted and puritanical. They see themselves changing in expected ways, becoming perhaps more alive, even hedonistic or, in other instances, more scholarly or more deeply religious. For a few the changes are intimidating, but often the newcomer begins to see Italy as a new kind of home and looks for ways to stay longer or permanently.

Bureaucratic restrictions aside, Italy is easier for expats than some countries. Although Italians have much to be proud of, they are not snobs. They are gracious and forgiving of foreigners’s errors and eccentricities. One of their outstanding virtues is that they understand what it means to be human.

One doesn’t come to Italy to live cheaply, but it’s not prohibitively expensive either. While utilities and gasoline are more costly than in the U.S., food costs can be quite reasonable. Some expats economize by not owning a car and living as locals do.”