Beautiful Bodrum

Freelance journalist Vivienne DuBourdieu found the best places to go in Bodrum, Turkey when you are a woman recovering from divorce. In fact, this trip sounds good for anyone interested in travel. Her Ex in the City, City Guide has tips for traveling alone, and finding a place to stay in the city.

“Start your journey in Bodrum, on the Aegean coast, a charming little port where shops, bars, and restaurants nestle together under the robust shadow of St. Peter Castle. This harks back to the medieval crusaders, and remains a worthy place from which to launch a new offensive. The castle itself deserves exploration. It contains the Museum of Underwater Archeology, and a flourishing inner garden, representing nearly every plant and tree of the Mediterranean region.

The present inhabitants of Bodrum number some 30,000, and earn their living by fishing, boat-building, agriculture, and weaving. You might visit the village Mumcular, which is famous for its carpets, kilims and other weavings. Bodrum is well known for its Turkish and foreign artists. At its heart is the thriving Cumhurriyet Caddesi (Republic Street), referred to as ‘bar street’ by tourists and locals alike.

Here, you can buy anything from traditional Aegean sandals to beautifully worked onyx, copper, and brassware, or Gold harem slippers. There are many small boutiques, and scores of cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants. When they drink (Turkey is a liberal Muslim country), the Turks often down a light, aniseed flavoured drink called Raki, similar to Greek Ouzo and French Pernod. Alternatively, drink the local wine. Doluca’s Antik Red or White provides pleasant quaffing at a reasonable cost.”