Sailing by Brazil

Few travel experiences could be more amazing than sailing alongside the beautiful coastline of Brazil from Paraty to Rio de Janeiro. GoNOMAD writer Jessica Taryn describes the joys that can be found on the ocean in her article Brazilian Tall Ship Sailing Adventure.

“Sailing on sea green waters to white sand beaches where the sun warms the earth in the daytime and the nights provide breathtaking sunsets, snorkeling among brightly-colored tropical fish, climbing mountains and hiking rainforests full of exotic animals, and partying into the night under the stars, are only a small glimpse of what the Brazil Tall Ship Sailing Adventure has to offer.

Travelers enjoy the evening in Paratay, which Russill describes as, “Alive with the reminiscence of past glory, a very laid back and antique feel comes over the dimly lit cobblestone streets at night,” he said.

The next morning, passengers wake up to a Brazilian tropical breakfast, and are free to roam the island before the boat sets sail for the Ecological Reserve Mamangua. Some passengers, like Russill, choose to find their own breakfast.

“We jump off the side of the boat, swim to a deserted white sand beach on shore, and collect our own enormous bunches of fresh wild bananas… It’s not often in our modern busy lives that we fetch our own breakfast straight from the land, and I’m pretty sure I can taste it in the bananas.”

At Mamangua the Tall Ship Tour provides options of rainforest hikes, waterfall expeditions, beach soccer or canoe paddling.

“It is an five-mile (8km) tropical fjord, and except for a few small fishing villages, is an uninhabited canyon of deep blue water, deserted beaches, native Atlantic rainforest, and sheer mountains and cliffs rising straight out of the sea. There are no roads to get where we are, and I hope there never are,” he said.”