Margarita Island during the Holiday Season

Have you ever thought of celebrating the holiday season someplace warm and tropical? If the answer is yes, Margarita Island in Venezuela would be a great choice. Scott Boswell, writer for Escape from America Magazine, shares the delights of the island in his article; Christmas and New Year on Margarita Island.

“ Just as in most of the rest of the world, the colored lights are strung along the the major roadways, houses are decorated, and stores are abundantly stocked in anticipation of the shopping frenzy. Homes are repaired, painted, and ‘spruced up’ to be ready for all the visiting friends and relatives, and parties are everywhere! In my neighborhood alone one house had 24 cars parked around it!

The island fills up starting Dec. 10-15 and if you don’t have reservations it is impossible to find a room or bed. People from the mainland come to vacation, visit family, and shop here to avoid the 15% taxes charged on the mainland. Stereos, T.V.’s, appliances, clothes & toys are bought by the basket load.

The real partying starts Christmas Eve, and it sounds like all hell broke loose! More like a ‘fire-fight’ than Christmas. Every neighborhood has at least one “pyromaniac” so fireworks start before dusk and continue until about 4 a.m.”