Istria, Croatia

Kent E. St.John, a writer for, explores the world of white truffels and beautiful seaside restaurants in his article; Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula: Full of Flavor.

“The peninsula of Istria, Croatia lies just across the Adriatic Sea, and even the Romans of yesteryear considered Istria the perfect place to visit and settle. Today people from around the world are rediscovering the incredible land of this part of Croatia.

Be it wine road, olive oil farms or enjoying white truffles, Istria’s pleasures are satisfying. History blends with chic and mild Mediterranean weather merges in an unforgettable mix. In Istria you can move at your own pace with your own agenda and every day is different. What more could a traveler ask for?

As would be expected from its location Opatija offers all water sports, and seafood is the feature on the menu of many of the restaurants that line the main boulevard. Some stand out dishes I sampled were scampi “na buzaru” and cod filled stew.

There is plenty of nightlife going on throughout the city and walking place to place will fill late night hours. At the Grand Hotel where I stayed the options were plentiful; health club, casino and saltwater indoor pool. Best of all though was the balcony late at night with the moon glowing over the sea.”