A Modern Spin on Weddings

In the 21st Century the technological progress being made leaves people wondering whether snail mail and rotary phones will one day become obsolete. In this modern era will traditional weddings held most commonly in churches be replaced by destination weddings? Jessica Taryn, a writer for GoNOMAD.com, explores the allure behind destination weddings in her article, Getting Married on Location: Destination Weddings on the Rise.

“Destination weddings have become a popular trend in travel. Why not travel to a place you and your fiancé have always dreamed of visiting to celebrate the beginning of your lives together?

Robyn Pollman, president of whollymatrimony.com was married in the French Quarter of New Orleans. “In our own instance, the main reason we decided not to go through with the ‘big, traditional church wedding’ was that we wouldn’t have time on our big day with the close friends and family. Instead, by taking them with us, we weren’t just limited to brief moments during one day. We had an entire weekend to celebrate together with everyone. It made it much more special, intimate and memorable,” she said.

An important component of planning a destination wedding is keeping an open mind. Things are not going to be done exactly as planned. You are in a foreign place and part of the delight of traveling is learning and embracing the culture of the place where you choose to spend your special day.

“If you’re a person who has had it in your mind what your wedding is going to look like down to the flowers and the color of the napkins then it’s going to be incredibly stressful to plan a destination wedding. You can’t try to control every aspect or you’re going to be disappointed. You have to just leave it to the culture of the country you are visiting. I wasn’t expecting my hair to look a certain way or my floral arrangements to be exactly as I imagined them. Part of the fun of it was just going with the flow,” said Shuman.”