Women’s Tips

In Journey Woman’s Magazine, Evelyn Hannon compiled a list of the best tips of 2004.

She wrote, “Each year Journeywoman receives 100s of female-centered travel tips from women living in over twenty-eight different countries. From Pittsburgh to Paris and from Bangkok to Boston, these members write to share their ‘journey’ secrets. They tell us about their own city’s gal-friendly sites as well as those they learned about while experiencing other cultures in other lands. Here in the JW office, we diligently record their findings about hotels, restaurants, attractions, books, culturally-correct data, et cetera and then include the best in our complimentary e-newsletters or post them to our website.

At the end of each year, we publish a list of the ‘best of the best’ tips that have been submitted to Journeywoman.com. Here are our absolute favourites for 2004. Enjoy everybody!”

Here are some of the tips that I found most interesting, “She buys toilet paper in Korea — writes Lisa from New York, USA — Here’s some advice for JourneyWomen around the world. Don’t expect toilet tissue in all public restrooms in Korea. In this country it’s customary to bring your own. When you go into Korea’s small little markets or convenience stores, you’ll notice flat, plastic packs of tissue papers – the whole pack is about the size of a standard greeting card. These are their travel packs of toilet paper. I suggest you buy several of them. They can even be ‘fun’ gifts to bring home for your travelling girlfriends.

Bring your bikini on board — writes Sue from Sydney, Australia — A flight attendant once told me that an essential piece of clothing to have in your hand luggage is your two-piece swim suit. It doesn’t take up much space and weighs practically nothing. If you and your checked luggage get separated, this bikini can substitute as several articles of clothing until your bags arrive. It’s underwear, it’s a halter top, and of course you won’t have to wait to go for that very first dip in the swimming pool.

Tall women shop in Holland — writes Irma from New York, USA — If you’re a tall women travelling to The Netherlands, make sure to do your trouser shopping there. The people of The Netherlands are today’s tallest people in the world — the average Dutch man is just over 6 feet, and the average Dutch woman is just over 5 foot 7 inches. That why if you pop into any clothing store in Holland – they’ll probably stock your pant length in any style and color you choose. I know, I’m Dutch and though I work in New York, I wait until I go home to do my shopping.