Planning Family Holidays Leads to Stressed Out Parents

In an article on by Phil Davies, called
‘Planning family holidays leads to stressed out parents,’ he listed family psychologist Dr. Sheila Keegan’s top tips to ‘peacefully brokering family holidays’, according to Virgin Holidays:

“1. Let every family member have their say and try to incorporate something for everyone

2. Don’t over-plan. Accept that the unexpected is often the most fun – allow time for it.

3. Build in some time when you each do different things. You will have more to share when you get together in the evening

4. Try to incorporate different activities and a different pace – it will make the holiday seem longer

5. Teenagers are desperate to be with other teenagers, so consider group holidays where you can all meet new friends and you can spend time with your partner.

6. Choose holiday where you have lots of contact with local people. It greatly adds to the experience and it can help children develop their social skills and independence.”