Looking for a good reason to travel? Feeling guilty about skipping out on your every day responsibilities to take a vacation? Well lighten up the guilt and have a memorable vacation, while doing something good for others. Voluntouring is a new trend where people travel and volunteer by doing anything from building homes, helping animals, or feeding homeless children. There are so many opportunities available.

In an article on GoNOMAD.com called, “Voluntouring: Doing More With Your Vacation,” Mary Luz Mejia wrote, “Ever find yourself in some remote corner of the world, basking in golden sunlight, sipping a cocktail, only to feel a twinge of guilt? Care for a little philanthropy with your all-inclusive?

Well, not quite, but these days, “voluntouring” comes as close to this ideal as any vacation can. Part Peace Corps and part cultural immersion, voluntouring gives people from all walks of life a chance to lend a helping hand while experiencing vast and vibrant lands.

People around the world are drawn to the opportunity to do something more with their leisure time.

Ana Maria Quintanilla, a voluntourist herself, describes the people who participate in these kinds of programs as having ‘a great sense of something bigger than themselves.'”