‘The Pearl of Africa’

Many people are not aware of the variety of sight seeing opportunities in Africa. Famous for its Mountain Gorillas, Uganda, Africa makes for an unforgettable vacation. Renee Pattle visited Uganda and was in awe after experiencing its beauty.

In an article called, “Discovering Uganda: The Pearl of Africa”, Pattle wrote, “If you think that the typical Africa countryside doesn’t offer you rolling emerald hills, snow capped mountains, misty forests and deep, crystal clear lakes then you haven’t been to Uganda. Even though Uganda is a small country, it offers all of this and a lot more – white water rafting, gorilla tracking, game viewing and some of the best trekking in Africa. Most importantly, the friendly and relaxed locals all speak excellent English. What more could you ask for from an exotic holiday destination?

I arrived in Uganda after 2 months travelling in North Africa (Libya, Egypt and Sudan and another month in Ethiopia). The time spent in the desert definitely contributed to the initial impact Uganda had on me, but even after a week there, it was still as beautiful and friendly as it appeared on the day I arrived…”