Hong Kong on $20 a Day

The Star Ferry on Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Chuck Chiang of the Associated Press wrote an article called “Fun on a Budget: Hong Kong on $20 a Day.”

He said, “Visiting Hong Kong brings out the urge to splurge. Travellers are surrounded by glitzy shopping arcades filled with boutiques and stores selling the hottest fashions and the latest electronic gizmos.
But it’s easy to have a great time on $20 US a day — just over 150 Hong Kong dollars …

Jump aboard a tram on Queen’s Road in Central Hong Kong, climb to the second tier and sit back and watch the blue-suited office workers and the designer bag-toting shopping queens scurrying around in the canyon of skyscrapers. It’s a wonderful urban show for about a quarter a ride.

During business hours, tourists can take the Central Plaza’s (city’s 2nd tallest building) elevator to the sky lobby, which wraps around the 46th floor, providing a free panoramic view of the harbour to the north, skyscrapers to the west, and mountains and the Happy Valley horse track to the southeast…

For about 28 cents, the Star Ferries provide spectacular views of one of the world’s most dazzling waterfronts. The best time to sail is during a clear night when the skyscrapers and billboards are lit up on Hong Kong Island. The ferry in Wanchai goes to Tsim Sha Tsui, one of Kowloon’s most famous shopping districts…

Kowloon’s waterfront has a variety of cultural venues for budget prices. The Hong Kong Cultural Centre has free performances in its foyer Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons. Next door, the bulbous Space Museum displays astronomy and science items — admission is $1.28 — and houses an IMAX theatre. The Museum of Art features calligraphy, paintings and jade artifacts, also $1.28 a ticket…”

So no need to empty your bank account to experience a wonderful trip to Hong Kong!