Tahiti Iti

Celeste Brash wrote a GoNOMAD mini-guide called Tahiti Iti: The Forgotten Island, with some helpful tips as to why and when to go to the island. She wrote,

By-passed by the tourist industry, this magnificent region boasts clear waters, waterfalls, archeological sites and caves. This is not the glamorous Tahiti of tourist brochures, but rather a destination to experience a simple and authentic Polynesia. People here are friendly, natural and still interested in new faces that have come so far to visit. This is one of the only regions left in French Polynesia where you can find wild coastline accessible only by boat or on foot. Here, you’ll also find one of the most dangerous and famous surfing waves in the world.

November to April is the rainiest region of Tahiti, so it is best to come during the dry season: May through October.”