Girls Just Wana Have Fun!

In an article on called, “Go girls, but where?” David Wilkening suggests some fun destinations for women to travel.

He said, “All-girl getaways are one of the hottest travel trends, according to Liberty Travel.

So what destinations are they going to these days?

Liberty Travel agents cited these as the top five:

(1) The Caribbean — St. Barts, Bahamas and Jamaica. “Great weather, magnificent beaches and plenty of outdoor activities,” says Liberty.
(2) Mexico: Riviera Maya and Cancun. “Ideal for female travelers of all ages as both offer a variety of nightlife, spas and culinary festivals,” according to Liberty.
(3) Las Vegas: “The city of lights, luxury and life — perfect for women who are looking for non-stop fun.”
(4) Paris/London, with a “flair for high fashion, haute cuisine, history and heritage.”
(5) Cruises. “Always a great choice as they offer endless possibilities.”

Women’s travel is a great way to get away with the girls.