Exotic Weddings

Wedding at home cost a ton of money, as well as often lack the excitement couples want when they make such a sacred vow. Traveling for one’s wedding has become quite popular.

According to an article called, “Survey Highlights Exotic Wedding Locations” on travelmole.com, it says, “Unusual and adventurous” wedding ceremonies in exotic locations are becoming the latest travel trend, a survey claims.
Instead couples looking for an “out of the ordinary” experience are opting for tailor-made marriages in more remote areas, featuring a diverse cast of characters ranging from Buddhist monks, exotically dressed elephants, native village choirs and traditional dancers and drummers.
…off-the-peg wedding experiences aren’t enough for many people. Today’s couples seem to be looking for a much more personalized wedding experience. Our offices have been called on to organize wedding packages with ceremonies performed by Buddhist monks or which take place in a rainforest.”

As reported by Phil Davies, the American Express Travel Weddings and Honeymoons League of 2005 said that the top exotic wedding locations are now: (1) Barbados, (2) Cyprus, (3) Mauritius, (4) St. Lucia, (5) Las Vegas, (6) Jamaica, (7) Mexico, (8) Antigua, (9) Florida, and (10) Maldives.

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