Biometric Identifiers in Airports

Especially since Sept. 11 airports have attempted to tighten up security and take extra measures to protect passengers. Still, the government and airport officials recognize the need for even further changes to the security system to ensure safety. While pre-Sept. 11 type checks will still be necessary, fingerprinting and eye scanning may be in the near future.

In an article called ‘Preparing for fingerprint checks and eye scans’ by David Wilkening, he says, “International travelers should get ready to have their fingerprints taken or their eyes scanned at US airports in the not-so-far future, says the top US Homeland Security official.

Traditional airport security tests are outdated and subject to abuse, said Michael Chertoff, secretary, US Homeland Security.

He told reporters after a European trip:

“Right now, in many ways we are using the most primitive kind of screening — meaning we screen for names that match lists of terrorists and criminals. Names can be changed, identification documents can be forged. But biometric identifiers help reduce that type of fraud and protect the identity of the visa holder by making it much more difficult to impersonate someone…”

Click here for complete ‘Preparing for fingerprint checks and eye scans’ article.

Please feel free to comment on this issue. I’m curious as to what people think of being fingerprinted and eye-scanned at the airport. Do you think it will cause more lines and confusion? Lessen wait time? Be effective in detecting terrorists and illegal visitors to the United States? What is your stance on biometric identifiers?