Taipei Temples

Small temples are built into the mountains in Taipei, Taiwan. Many are hidden deep within the walls of the hills. It is an adventure in itself to climb through the mountains and forests attempting to locate these temples, and once found- they are quite a site to see.

In an article on by Vivien Lai called “Tiny Temples”, she says, “Just outside Taipei there are several “mini-mountains”. Hidden in these hills are several ancient and not-so-old temples. Some are huge, new, colorful monstrosities, but some of the old ones hidden away in the hills are slowly being reclaimed by the forest…
You feel like Indiana Jones as you enter cobweb-covered doorways and lizards scurry away out of view. Some of the bigger temples even have rooms that you can explore. The amazing thing is that many were build directly into the mountain, if you head to the back of a temple eventually you come to a room that is actually a cave, or you realize that there is no ceiling, just the inside of the mountain. But from the front of some of the temples you can see the huge 101 tower, the tallest building in Taipei, and the shopping mall area directly below it. All this just outside of central Taipei, with fantastic views of the city.”

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