Salem Sue-World’s Largest Cow

Salem Sue-World’s Largest Cow
Every town and city has its own tourists attraction, whether it be the tallest tree in the world, the oldest church, the biggest shopping mall, or the sweetest maple syrup. New Salem, North Dakota has a very unique attraction; the world’s largest cow.

She stands 38 feet high and 50 feet long. Made of six tons of reinforced fiberglass, ‘Salem Sue the Cow’ had to be built in three sections to get her up the hill. Sue is located on the south side of I-94 off of the New Salem exit.

In an article on called “Salem Sue-World’s Largest Cow,” the author says, “Today, New Salem is cow crazy. Its high school sports teams are named the Holsteins. And overlooking the interstate, on the only hill visible for many many miles, is New Salem’s pride: Salem Sue, the World’s Largest Cow…She is the largest of North Dakota’s large animals: bigger than the bull in Pettibone, the buffalo in Jamestown, the turtle in Bottineau, the other turtle in Dunseith, the walleye in Garrison. You can see her mighty silhouette from neighboring counties on a clear day: a goddess of dairy, ready to be worshipped. A steady stream of interstate pilgrims pull off of the highway and make the slow drive up the steep, narrow, twisting gravel road to the summit. A sign encourages everyone to drop a dollar into a milk can, thoughtfully provided, to help pay for Sue’s maintenance…”

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