Quick Guide to Hong Kong

In a travel guide called, “Quick Guide to the Ways of the World”, compiled by The Parker Pen Company, is ‘A Quick Guide to Hong Kong’.

The author writes:

General Protocol
The people of Hong Kong are reserved and formal in almost all situations.
Blue and white are the Chinese colors for mourning and should be avoided.

When greeting and leaving, handshakes are common. After the initial handshake business cards are presented with both hands.

Hospitality/Gift Giving
A guest will take a gift of fruit, candy or cookies when invited to dinner and will present it to the hostess with both hands. Gifts to avoid: clicks, which symbolize death, and scissors or other sharp objects, which symbolize the severing of a relationship.
Never begin to eat or drink before your host does.
Gifts are exchanged at the time of the Chinese New Year.

To thank someone for a gift, say “DOR-jay;” for a service rendered the word is “Ng-GOI” (with the “ng” pronounced something like the “m” in “hmm”).
Since the Chinese are delighted with Westerners who speak their language, a phrase is Cantonese will be greatly admired—but be very sure of your pronunciation.
Casual inquiries about health or business are considered polite conversation. One topic to avoid: the political situation in China.”