A Delicious Trip To Missouri

Now, we know that half the fun of traveling is tasting the native dishes in each of our destinations. Even within the United States, food is such an important part of vacationing. If you visit Missouri, Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue is a must. Located on Brooklyn Avenue in Kansas City, meals cost about 12 dollars and the experience is worth every penny.

In “A Traveler’s Life List”, author Patricia Schultz says, “…Legendary Arthur Bryant’s is near-unanimously considered to be the best barbecue joint in town, or maybe anywhere. There’s no décor to speak of…but that just means there’s nothing to distract you from the signature half-pound of slow-cooked brisket slapped on plain old white bread, with a gritty herbs-and-spices flavored barbecue sauce and the best skin-on French fries in America…For a full-tilt barbecue experience, come during the two-month American Royal Livestock Horse Show and Rodeo, held every autumn since 1899 (Starting in early October). There are parades, steer auctions, and hog pageants throughout the 180-acre former stockyards area, but all that pales when compared to the barbecue competitions, in which more than 3,000 contestants from all over the United States set up camp and fire up their meat, each tent emitting an aroma more tantalizing than the last.”

For more information visit Arthur Bryant’s or learn more about the Horse Show and Rodeo.