Warm, dusty Accra, Ghana is the largest city in the country- home of 2 million people. There is an upper class that lives in mansions as large as 12,000 square feet. A lower class lives just blocks away in grass huts along the Volta River, the only river in Ghana. The lower class bathes and washes their clothing in the river and fishes for food. There are very few indoor stores in Ghana, everything is sold on the streets; from toilet paper, to fruit, to dishes and appliances. The average wage in Ghana is $2 per day. Americans, often used to shopping malls and laundromats, should definitely consider visiting Accra.
The Ghanaian culture is fascinating.
Here is a sneak preview of Accra:

Taken by Edward Goldman 3/2005
This is a liquor store in Accra.
It is along the main turnpike in Ghana.