What’s Hot in 2017? Instead of Bling-Bling, Bling and Go!

“Bling-bling” luxury is beginning to lose its appeal while self-discovery and life-changing experiences are appearing on every traveler’s radar. This latest trend involves distinctive expeditions to places where indigenous traditions abound. However, guests crave the highest level of comfort and pampering.  Here are the trends that Steve from Abelow Travel predicts will dominate travel next year.

2. Unspoiled Croatia Offers Spectacular Scenery at the Fraction of Europe’s Cost

Part of what makes Croatia so appealing to travelers is its natural beauty. Nestled between Central, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean, untouched Croatia is oftentimes overlooked. For many tourists, this adds a sense of novelty, urging the desire to explore the sovereign state.
With the popularity of this sovereign state continually on the rise, Croatia is a must-see for any highly seasoned adventure-goer looking to experience “diamonds in the rough.”

3. Norway is Extremely Popular Among Millennials and Gen-Yers

Norway is following on the heels of Iceland. A quick glimpse at social media feeds reveal how popular it’s become, especially among younger generations, such as Millenials and Gen-Yers. Instagram is filled with trending images of the country’s breathtaking Northern Lights and stunning land formations, such as fjords and natural wonders of the world that are just begging to be explored. In fact, exploring is highly encouraged. The “freedom to roam” is, quite literally, a human right in Norway.
Allemannsrett, literally meaning “the everyman’s right,” is an old law put into effect in 1957. Allemannsrett gives the general public the right to access certain public or privately owned land for exercise as well as recreation.

4. River Cruises in Europe Continually Attract Tourists Worldwide

Recent updates in the river cruising industry have made Europe’s already popular river cruising experience more enjoyable for travelers. One trend in particular is alfresco dining. “Pop Up” restaurants like the L’Orangerie on the Uniworld’s S.S. Antoinette is on the rise, due to the feeling of outdoor dining.
Universal Wi-Fi is undoubtedly something else to look for in 2017 ever since the successful debut of Viking Oceans. It’s the first “non-ultra luxury” cruise line to offer unlimited, free internet access. Another clue is the free internet that now comes with the Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas, after it was refurbished.

5. Glamping In Australia

Glamping is an undeniable trend. It allows travel enthusiasts to experience the charm of camping in the great outdoors without having to give up on the luxurious glamour they demand. The accommodations generally include a luxury tent that rests over a spacious deck with handcrafted beds, lounge areas, sofas, kitchens, bathrooms and, of course, electricity and heating. Australia’s variety of regions, from dense rainforests to scorching deserts, and its rich abundance of exotic life, make glamping in this continent highly desirable.

6. Guatemala Follows The Success Costa Rica

A biodiversity hotspot, Guatemala is starting to attract a great deal of attention. Many tourists over the years have explored the richness and cultural diversity of Central America, with Costa Rica benefiting the most from this ongoing trend. Now travelers are turning to its neighbor, Guatemala, because the country provides a distinct culture and a mixture of unique ecosystems.

7. High Variety Of Historic Estates Across The Stunning UK Countryside

Take a step back in time by staying at an 11th-century castle like Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. Pamper yourself at a mansion that’s been transformed into a lovely boutique hotel, such as the Bodysgallen Hall & Spa in Wales. The types of accommodations tourists can visit in the United Kingdom are endless.
Thanks to the popularity of television shows like Downtown Abbey, more travelers from North America are visiting the UK throughout the year. These homes offer comfortable living spaces, which are complemented by the region’s beautiful countryside. It’s just pouring with history and cultivated gardens, making the country’s rolling hills an invaluable asset.

8. Medical Tourism Could Create Tourist Boom In 20+ Countries

As Baby Boomers enter retirement age, they are looking for places where the standard of living is less expensive but have good medical care. This is propelling travel to explore such places as Costa Rica, Belize and Argentina.

Additionally, the recent success of the Cayman Islands could bode well for the Bahamas and Jamaica. In all possibility, medical health travel could very well become an attraction and economic growth engine for these countries. India is also cultivating this market with its superior medical health facilities.

9. Italy Is Number-One With Luxury Travel

Not surprisingly, Italy is the most highly sought luxury travel destination among travelers, with Venice remaining an all-time favorite. Venice’s popularity is due in part to numerous reports over the years revealing that the cultural city is not only sinking, but both tilting and drifting into the Adriatic Sea. People want to catch this unparalleled destination before it’s gone.
Venice is the epitome of romance and culture in an already romanticized country. From the grandness of Saint Mark’s Basilica, to the artistic Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum, to midnight gondola rides over the stunning Grand Canal, Venezia is a must-see for any traveler. Plus, the continual success of the Venice Film Festival always keeps a spotlight on this splendid city.

10. The Ancient Chinese City of Hangzhou Blossoms After G20 Summit

Hangzhou, China, has greatly benefited from the publicity that came with it being chosen to host the annual G20 summit this October. Already a homeland treasure, Hangzhou is rapidly rising into a global destination. Its lavish, sophisticated offerings are enhanced by the city’s natural beauty, which includes enchanting tea fields and picturesque sanctuaries.
Hangzhou is also a convenient destination for travelers. The ancient city is located 100 miles away from the ever-bustling Shanghai, making it a perfect place to visit.