Jamaica’s Small Inns Bring the Country Closer


Sunset in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  Sarah Hartshorne photo.
Sunset in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Sarah Hartshorne photo.

Visitors interested in an authentic cultural experience can visit Jamaica, one of the few destinations that offers a variety of small inns from luxury to budget-friendly properties. These properties thrive on their ability to make the guest experience as personalized as possible, with home-cooked meals, butler services and in-room spa treatments, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation throughout the duration of their stay.

“Jamaica is the melting pot of the Caribbean and there is no better way to truly have a genuine experience than to stay at a small, intimate property to get to know our people and our cuisine,” said Paul Pennicook, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “Their goal is to unite the intimacy of your home and the warmth of our Caribbean hospitality.”

The Home of All Right has small inns located all over the island. Below is a sampling of properties:


Strawberry Hill, Kingston: This property’s name stemmed from its perfect elevation to grow and harvest strawberries. The twelve deluxe Georgian-style cottages are most famously known for being a sanctuary for Bob Marley in the mid-1970s. Today, it hosts musicians, artists, and travelers alike. www.strawberryhillhotel.com


Tensing Pen, Negril: Located on the secluded, lush cliffs in Negril, rooming arrangements consist of high-end stone, wood, and 17 thatch cut cottages that allow you to embrace an authentic Caribbean lifestyle.www.tensingpen.com


Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios: Family-owned and family-run, this small luxury hotel has been in business for over 50 years. Televisions and radios are absent from its 28 suites and cottages. Jamaica Inn focuses on having their guests embrace the simple joys of living. The on-site restaurant serves up typical Jamaican fare or guests can enjoy their meals served on the beach or in-room. www.jamaicainn.com

Hermosa Cove, Ocho Rios: Hermosa Cove has a package for everyone, encouraging patrons to “stay your way” based off of their own person interests. Existing packages include the Artful Getaway, Hermosa Honeymoon and Romance, Natural Mystic, Fun for the Whole Family, and the All-Inclusive Jamaican available in any of their nine beautiful villas. www.hermosacove.com


GeeJam, Port Antonio: Located on six acres of lush San Estate, the property extends from the foothills of the John Crow and Blue Mountain to the Caribbean waterfront. Visitors will find five luxury villas, a state-of-the-art recording studio, healing spa, swimming pool, gym and the Bushbar restaurant where guests can enjoy live music from The Jolly Boys, a mento band from Port Antonio formed in 1945.http://www.geejamhotel.com/

 Hotel Mockingbird Hill, Port Antonio: Nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Hotel Mockingbird Hill identifies itself as the “best eco boutique hotel in Jamaica.” With ten private sanctuaries for guests to choose from, this property provides its own charm with original artwork, welcomed natural light and wistful beaches. www.hotelmockingbirdhill.com

 For information on traveling to Jamaica and booking a vacation, go to www.visitjamaica.com.