Five Cities in Europe Where You Can Try Your Luck

Spiegelkwartier houses along a canal in Amsterdam.
Spiegelkwartier houses along a canal in Amsterdam.

If you want to feel like James Bond next Saturday night then jump on a plane and travel to one of these five European cities. We’ve chosen them because they’re famous for not only being cool in their own right but each one has a casino.

And if you show up in any of these city casinos wearing the right clothes, equipped with the right skills to play casino games and ordering the right drink (vodka martini –shaken not stirred) you just might feel like the British secret agent that we all long to be at some point in our lives. And these are skills you acquire or sharpen by practicing and playing poker with friends as you travel between the cities. But look at this list and start with Lyon, the capital of gastronomy in France but also the home to the Lion Vert casino, located in the heart of Lyon’s downtown.

Or how about taking the train from France to England through the Chunnel and get ready for an exciting evening in London at the Rendezvous Casino Mayfair. You’ve heard of Mayfair right? It’s the swankiest neighborhood in London and you’ll be surrounded by Arab sheiks and other people so vastly rich that losing a little money at the table will mean nothing.

There’s a good reason to have a casino in a city like London that has surpassed anywhere in Europe for the highest prices—people who can afford to eat there can also afford to lose lots of pounds at the blackjack tables.

Now let’s move on to the wonderful vacation destination of Spain. In the capital, Madrid you can on your dancing shoes and a nice looking tux. Before you check out Casino Gran downtown, how about a little flamenco?  Just let your partner lead and hang on!

If you have any euros left after your session at the tables in Madrid, and get a hankering for some smoke, why not hop the border to Amsterdam? Not only can you pick up some of the finest marijuana made in the world but you can take a shot at the Holland casino where swanky looking folks lose money every day. But some of them are so stoned they don’t even notice in this legally liberal city.

And finally for something a little more traditional— why not straighten up a little bit and head for Düsseldorf Germany here at the Hotel Nikko Dusseldorf offers many of the the games you already learned to play. Just make sure to look the part, a well-tailored new suit and your hidden Walther PPK handgun in the glovebox of your BMW supercar.