Hotels-by-Day: Use a Hotel Room for a Few Hours or a Whole Day

The holidays were wrapping up and I was exhausted. It had been two weeks of holiday bustle during the double shifts at work, trying to complete finals at college, and driving to far away family. I wanted a day off that differed from the normal routine. However on a student budget my choices were very limited. Until I found Hotels-By-Day.
How it Works  
Hotels-By-Day is exactly what it sounds like. It is a service where one can book a hotel room for the few hours the rooms are vacant between check-ins.Hotels by DayHotels-By-Day is simple to use. First, one picks the hotel and location where they wish to stay. There are hotels in the program all over the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company is aiming to be global in the next year.

One can book a location on the website, IOS, or Android Application. There is no charge to book the hotel The website also lets one choose if they are picking a room for a quick day get away or for business purposes.
The hotels listed on the site are rarely under three stars, unless past guests have given excellent reviews and the hotel is independent. Guests will not pay over $150 for the day. Bookings need to be made with a credit card, however the card will not be charged until arriving at the hotel. Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before the stay.
Spas, Pools and More
After the booking is made, guests simply show up to the hotel and make the day their own. Many hotels offer spas, pools, or other daytime activities. Guests can enjoy these amenities without paying the full overnight prices.Hotels-By-Day is often used by travelers with long lay-overs. This gives one a chance to freshen up after a long flight, enjoy the city where one has to spend a few hours during a layover, do some work using hotel wi-fi, and to relax before continuing on with travels.The majority of users, however, are traveling for the day for business. The hotel room allows them to have a place to go in between meetings and to store their personal items for the day. Businesses can also can book conference rooms at hotels with Hotels-By-Day.Read more about Hotels-by-Day on GoNOMAD Travel