Rail Europe’s Travel Trends for Summer 2014: Looking Good!

Here are some statistics compiled by Rail Europe about the most popular routes and destinations this summer

  • Top destinations by train (in order): FranceItalyUnited Kingdom
  • Traffic between Paris and Barcelona increased by a whopping 86% due to the introduction of the new high-speed line via the TGV Train. Passengers can now transport between France and Spain, from city-center to city-center, in just over 6 hours.
  • With more high speed lines and tickets available at lower costs, Italy sales saw a 35% increase this year. Italian hotspots include: RomeMilan and Venice – also known as the Golden Triangle.
  • Spain and Switzerland are also among the leading European destinations, with an increase of roughly 30% in sales from the same time last year. North Americans are flocking to Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Cordova.
  • Top 5 city-center to city-center journeys this summer:
    • Rome to Milan (via the high-speed Italo train)
    • Rome to Venice (via the high-speed Italo train)
    • Paris to London (via the high-speed Eurostar train)
    • Paris to Avignon (via the high-speed TGV train )
    • Paris to Amsterdam (via the high-speed Thalys train)

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