Travel Tips for the Visually Impaired

For ages, eye problems have been used as an excuse to keep the visually impaired from living out their dreams. In fact, keeping the visually impaired from experiencing the same adventures as everyone else is as old as mankind itself!

Issues with depth perception, near-sight or far-sightedness, blurry vision or lazy eyes have been excuses for not being able to experience surfing, rock climbing, playing sports, or any other intense physical activity.

The fact of the matter is  that it does not need to be this way! The visually impaired need not hold back from experiencing life simply because they cannot see as well as others.

One need only bring the proper sports eyewear or eye protection to experience the adventures of their dreams!

Swimming has long been an activity that has been hard for those who have difficulty seeing. Whether it is swimming laps  in the local pool, snorkeling in Hawaii, or spearfishing in the Bahamas, goggles have always presented an issue for those with vision problems. Wearing contact lenses even with your goggles in the water is downright unsafe as per FDA guidelines.  Without the right goggles, people are subjected to significantly more eyestrain (some would argue reduced situational awareness) in the water.

In order to help make swimming safer and more enjoyable, prescription swimming goggles have been made for adults and kids. These are available either as economical, off-the-shelf products or can be made to your actual prescription. Prescription diving masks are also great for visually impaired scuba divers! These masks allow the wearer to experience full vision deep under water. Now, everyone can enjoy the sunshine and swim safely knowing that they will be able to see perfectly under and above water.

Often, people with eye problems encounter situations where both eyeglasses and contact lenses are inconvenient or even dangerous as they do not offer adequate protection required for contact sports. These situations include but are not limited to hiking, running, playing contact sports like basketball and football, sports involving fast moving projectiles like baseball and paddleball,  mountain biking and rock climbing.

The good news is a wide variety of protective prescription eyewear for sports available that are compatible with activities out of the water! If  intense contact sports are your thing, no need to fear! Most prescription sport goggles fit snugly over the eyes with a comfortable elastic band that goes over the back of the head to ensure the goggles do not fall off during exercise. Some also include a nose guard to protect shots to the nose. If you are more into hiking and biking, then perhaps prescription sunglasses will be more to your liking! These glasses can also be fitted with a neck leash that will keep them from slipping off!

The visually impaired need no longer fear participating in physical activities. The adventures of your dreams are now made possible with prescription eyewear or eye protection suitable for your favorite sport.